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Pain, torture, suffering, all things normal people don’t find comforting or at all appealing. Most people would not show their brother they love him, by electrocuting him or comfort their son at night by telling him there is a monster in his closet. A normal family would not do any of the things that the Addams family does. The Addams Family Has been a TV series, movies, cartoons, realistic, comic strips, and many more forms of presentation. One of the best ways to seen The Addams Family is, live on stage, and sure you could see it on a famous stage performed by a renowned cast, but it’s better to see it on a local stage with people who live in the area. I was lucky enough to see the Dilettante Group of Magic Valley perform the musical comedy.…show more content…
November 7th was just one of the six day the show was performed on. The other dates were October 30th and 31st, November 1st, 5th, 6th, and 7th. The many people that put time into making the production a reality were Charles Addams, the playwright, Lori Henson, the direction, and of course the actors. The more primary actors being: Ivan Hardcastle, Madison Henson, Griffin Heider, Michael Collins, Shirley Lee, Rick Webb, Dustin Hobdey, Dennis Weight, and my favorites Johanna Stagge, and Jennifer Miller. In the 1991 The Addams family movie the conflict is found when a pair of con artists scheme the family and try to steal the wealth. They do this by inserting a fake Fester, Fester being Gomez’s long lost brother, into the family. Unknown to them the man is the real Fester, but without his memory. He soon learns the truth and is welcomed back to the family. The sequel to the The Addams Family came out in 1993. It was The Addams Family Values. The conflict in this film is that uncle Fester has a gold digging wife that plans to steal the family wealth and then murder the all of them. She is defeated by the family’s newest addition, Pubert Addams, the family infant. The conflict is quite…show more content…
One of the production elements that contributed to the major success of this production, was the scene design. It was done by Troy Henson, Mark Wolfe, Christean Jensen, Casey Clark, J.R. Clark, Jennifer Miller, and Danny Loughmiller. The scene design was absolutely phenomenal. The use of the projector to communicate the location of each scene was unique and impressive. It added to the play as a whole, just as the torture board did. In the play Wednesday chains Pugsley to the board and if she pulls a lever, the chains tighten, pulling both his arms and one leg in different directions. A common concept of torture found in all The Addams Family

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