Theory Paper: Preferred Counseling Philosophies

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Preferred Counseling Philosophies Theory Paper Introduction As a counselor, understanding one’s values and worldview often is the key to successful therapy. Acquiring the knowledge of the theoretical approaches to be used that best correlate with one’s own life philosophy is imperative as it will help them the counselor guide their client toward success and ensure the counselor has effectively done their job. This paper will cover multiple theories including, existential theory, reality therapy, feminist therapy, and how these theories are successful. These theories link the author’s personal worldview and how they at this point plan to incorporate these theories to help at-risk individuals and those who are disenfranchised. These three…show more content…
Rather than prescribing a technique of healing the therapist aims “to awaken a person to consciousness and awareness of their own position in the world” (van Deurzen, 2014). We as humans are given one life to live and this theory really focuses on living life meaningfully while recognizing our fleeting human existence. This theory is appealing because, the past is in the past, and a counselor works with an individual to understand their choices in life, taught how to increase awareness, and how to overcome any anxiety. Although it lacks scientific evidence unlike other theories it can be considered an efficient form of therapy if incorporated with other theories. Combining it with the reality theory and feminist theory may prove to be a winning…show more content…
Reality therapy also builds a fantastic alliance between the client and counselor. Throughout the entire counseling process, counselors establish and maintain a nonthreatening relationship characterized by empathy, congruence, and positive regard. Clients insert counselors into their quality worlds and perceive them as people who can assist them. Together they have a sense of common goals. Clients come to realize that reality therapists wish to help them live more effectively. Thus reality therapists assume the responsibility of creating a therapeutic alliance, as described by Salters-Pedneault

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