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ABSTRACT Political Dynasty in the Philippines especially in Makati City is evident since the reigning time of Cory Aquino when she assigned the Binay family in that area. The study of Political Dynasty in an area is beneficial to Filipinos because the knowledge and evidence of this topic could enlighten them. In Makati City, it is evident that political dynasty is present because of the positive and negative effects of political dynasty that were agreed by the respondents. Results show that the residence in Makati City is experiencing corruption, and is aware of Political Dynasty being evident in their area. Together with this, Political Dynasty in Makati should put to an end by voting for the candidates for their skills rather that their hereditary…show more content…
They documented the historic and geographic patterns in the evolution and profile of political dynasties. According to Mosca, even when political positions are open to all, a family tie to those already in power would confer various advantages. They conducted the research by creating two indicator variables to characterize political dynasties. The first one is called Postrelatives which is equal to a legislator who has a relative entering congress after he did. And the second one is called Prerelative which is equal to a legislator who had a relative entering congress before he did. The results showed that the prerelative legislator had the chance to occupy a position in the congress compared to the postrelative legislator. This indicates that the more relatives that entered in the congress before the candidate running for a position, the more likely he will succeed compared to the other legislator who has no relatives inside the congress. An implication is that the political class is partly shaped by the luck of previous politicians, and that holding political power reinforces the effects of other potential sources of elite persistence such as differing dynastic traits (Bó, Bó, & Snyder,

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