An Obsolete Dichotomy By Learner And Hallie Eakin

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The topic of food scarcity is an issue that has plagued global health officials for the past decade. With farming land continually being sold to local and international developers many people are wondering where one can get adequate food in ten years time. Amy M Learner and Hallie Eakin tackle this problem in their academic article, “An obsolete dichotomy? Rethinking the rural-urban interface in terms of food security and production in the global south”, which was published in ‘The Geographic Journal” in December of 2011. The article focuses mainly on the growing peri-urban areas of developing countries with specific focuses on Africa and East Asia. It is stated in the article that peri-urban areas are rapidly becoming more common in today’s society and that the food that can be developed on this land may be a large factor in the eradication of food scarcity.…show more content…
This articles challenges the normal perspective that a peri-culture, which is the stage in which a community is neither rural nor urban but instead takes aspects from both civilizations and incorporates them, is simply a transition stage that will soon end when the community finds its way to urban life. Although studies on this have been done before, as stated in the article, the idea that peri-urbanism should be a whole communal stage itself is defying what geographers have assumed to be the truth for generations. This being said the article has very little of its own research and rather uses many secondary sources, although this can be very effective at proving a point the use of primary sources would have been more

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