Senate As A Chamber Of Second Thought Essay

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THE SENATE AS A CHAMBER OF ‘SOBER SECOND THOUGHT’ As mentioned earlier, Sir John A. MacDonald described one of the roles of the Senate as a chamber of ‘sober second thought’. This is a very important role as it allows the Senate to make any necessary changes or improvements in the legislation before its final hearing (Cowan, 2015). Senators have superior power to the House of Commons when turning a bill into a law. They are in charge of reviewing bills, searching for technical problems and consequences that may occur without intention. As we can see, this amount of research and thinking does not require little work. Senators put in numerous hours into their analysis. In result to this, Canadians can be assured that Senators will get to the bottom of any situation, always focusing to serving our country for the better and the better of the people. This is why Senators are known to be a chamber of ‘sober second thought’. Moreover, many political parties have…show more content…
The Supreme Court of Canada has already declared that the Senate’s institution can’t be changed without the consent of every province (Burton & Patten, 2015). This in other words means that the Senate will always be part of the Canadian Constitution because it is a given that all provinces will never come into terms. This is why, rather than focusing on things that may never happen, our institution should focus on making the Senate’s role more effective. They will always be part of the Canadian Constitution, so we might as well make it more useful, for people that think that it isn’t. Furthermore, we are all aware that corruption can occur. It has happened in the past and there will be cases in the future but we must all remember that corruption is part of every institution. There will always be good and evil and it is unfortunate if that is the reason why many political parties want the Senate to be

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