What Was Gilgamesh's Legacy

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Gilgamesh obtained his legacy, as a king who changes, while Ozymandias physically forces his legacy onto his people. Gilgamesh is a tyrant in the beginning; he uses the women as he please, but soon goes on a quest to fulfill his true legacy. Although the people were in his tyrannical ruling, they still thought of him as their guide and protector. He learns the importance of living with the limited time you have and loved well; shifting the focus from him to his people. While Gilgamesh was on his quest, he loses his closest companion and loses the plant eaten by the snake, making him realize this. Ozymandias legacy was forced on to his people. His main goal was to show his legacy physically, like his monument. His works sort of acted as propaganda, making people believe he was the greatest. Forcing people to praise him and putting monuments saying he is the greatest, is very similar to North Korea, Kim Jong Il. He only seeks…show more content…
When Gilgamesh comes back to his city he says, “A square mile is city, a square mile date-grove, a square mile is clay-pit, half a square mile the temple of Ishtar: three square miles and half is Uruk’s expanse.”(Tablet XI line 326-328) Gilgamesh comes back to his city, measuring it. Also, Gilgamesh is rebuilding his his city, similar to the start where he glorifies the city. This is where Gilgamesh learns his legacy, if he works to rule his city well, it will be his greatest legacy. In addition, Gilgamesh is the wise one after his whole adventure, “He who saw the Deep, the country’s foundation, who knew…., was wise in all matters!”(Tablet I line 1-4) In the beginning the epic foreshadows what and who Gilgamesh is. After his story, he learns to accept his mortality. His wisdom is what he learns; live well in your life and love well. The lesson he learns and the wisdom he gains, passes on to his people mentally affecting them to be better

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