Pathetic Fallacy In Lord Of The Flies Simon's Death

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‘Simon’s death was an inevitable outcome that Golding prepares the reader for’ How far do you agree with this view? Leading up to Simon’s death golding uses pathetic fallacy to foreshadow its occurrence. For example, Ralph says “you'll have rain like when we dropped here”. This line positions the reader to look back on the beginning of the book and link the rain Ralph is talking about to the terrible event of them landing on this island which has clearly lead to horrible things taking place. When told that this rain is to return it suggests to the reader that something bad is going to happen as the rain now connotes bad events. This likewise suggests that Simon's death is ‘inevitable’ as storms cannot be stopped and happen regardless of what anyone does, therefore suggesting that Simon’s death is one which cannot be avoided. At the beginning of the book Golding prepares the reader for bad and evil things to happen on the island. When we…show more content…
Throughout the book the boys’ craving for violence progresses intensely. At the beginning of The Lord of the Flies we see Jack being too scared to kill a piglet demonstrated through the description of his ‘face [being] white under the freckles’. At this point we don't quite sense that Jack and the boys are willing to commit to even killing animals for food. However this lust for violence and death escalates dramatically when the mock fight takes place. At this point the boys’ ‘desire to squeeze and hurt [is] over-mastering’ which demonstrates that their want for death and violence is only getting worse. If by now the boys are physically hurting one of their own the reader can infer that what is to come will result in a much worse outcome. This therefore foreshadows Simon’s death as we get a glimpse of how brutal the boys are becoming and how the victim of their violence suddenly switches from animals to their

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