Tourism Carrying Capacity Analysis

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From the knowledge I acquired from the lectures and other relevant sources of information, I would like to analyze the Carrying Capacity on Tourism and the Intangible Cultural Heritage. 1. Carrying Capacity on Tourism Generally, tourism carrying capacity is considered as a concept under the circumstance of tourism sustainability. It is based on the evaluation of the greatest potential and ability for a destination to accommodate tourists, for instance, the destination lifecycle and tourists’ management, without seriously interrupting the local physical-ecological, socio-demographic, political economic aspects, so as to maintain the sustainability local lifestyle. Although some scholars suggested that there is yet a consistent principle of…show more content…
Other than the large amount of cultural and natural wonders, there are gourmet tours, theme-park tours like Water Parks and the newly completed Shanghai Disneyland to attract various types of tourists. The transportation system is fairly convenient, except for the problem of traffic jam in large…show more content…
One representative example is the development of ethnic tourism in Guizhou, no wonder can tourism foster the cultural exchange between the natives in Guizhou and the visitors, and increase their income, but Guizhou's traditional culture has been assimilated and commercialized, and their ethnic consciousness was weakened. Some ancient residential buildings in Miao Village of Guizhou which were built in the Qing Dynasty were seriously destroyed and being re-constructed chaotically for expanding ability to receive tourists. The authenticity and originality of these spots are incomplete, the negative consequence is that these locations are becoming less attractive to tourists. Hence, to maintain sustainable tourism carrying capacity, China should educate the local residents with closer monitoring system and guidelines for the development of tourist spots to prevent the attractions being

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