Executive Legislative Disconnection Case Study

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Executive-legislative disconnection Recently, there is no doubt that Executive-legislative disconnection has become serious in Hong Kong. Some council members especially people from pro-democratic camp always oppose government’s policies opinions no matter how they are. The relationship between government and council member is worse. As a result, it makes quality of governance in HKSAR decrease and affect a lot of things and citizens. I will talk about this problem by discussing the cause of the problem, its impacts and solutions. To begin with, people may wonder why executive-legislative will appear at first. The causes of this problem can be separated into three points which are lack of communication, council members’ aptitude and system…show more content…
According to Basic Law, the Chief Executive should have the biggest state and power which call “executive-led”. Besides, a lot of council members come from Pro-establishment camp which supposed to support government at legislative council. However, most council members are not members of government and they cannot share executive power. Chief Executive do not have enough skills and power to control those council members. Therefore, if the polices are detrimental to their benefits, they will oppose them. As a result, government can seldom pass the proposed bill and polices. The rate of success only near 50%. For example, HKTV applied for licenses but government didn’t give them with no reason. Even council members from Pro-establishment camp disagree with it and ask for reason like Tse Wai-chun and Tien Pei-Chun. Besides, some council members also feel angry with privacy system. They use privacy system as reason so they haven’t explained the reason why some polices. Therefore, system of administration lead to executive-legislative…show more content…
It may affect the quality of public governance like efficiency. Even government want to pass some polices that is beneficial to Hong Kong’s citizens, they will oppose it by filibustering. As filibustering is very time-consuming and meaningless, some useful polices are unable to implement on time. It definitely affects HKSAR efficiency and welfare. For example, government want to get money for building high-speed rail but some council members using filibustering. According to some researches, over70persentage of interviewees feel discontent with filibustering. It made the budget cost over two hundred million and delay for 2years. It wastes Hong Kong’s citizens’ money and harmful to Hong Kong’s government efficiency. Besides, some welfare polices like old age allowance should be increased but some council members filibustered so it delayed. Compare to other cities that have same situation, Canada also had experienced filibustering in2011. New Democratic Party filibustered which lasted for 58hours. It was very time consuming and undermined efficiency. Some polices cannot implement on time and it affects Hong Kong’s state. Therefore, poor executive-legislative affect the quality of public governance

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