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The K9 unit is a visual part of law enforcement that deals with search and rescue, forensic evidence, bomb and drug operation. Canine officers Police have been using dogs in their patrol and investigation forces, including narcotics, SWAT, and even homicide to apprehend criminals and detect criminal evidence successfully for over two decades. There’s many things of being a K9 officer. It goes from Job Qualifications, Hiring process, Job Duties, Starting Pay and upward mobility. Before any training gets done, one of the necessary things of applying for the K9 officer position is you are required to have a bachelor’s degree in either Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement or Forensics. The degree could be obtained either online or at any local college/university. Most departments will either obtain a 4 year degree or any several years of law enforcement experience that will help make you more competitive. Other requirements is the completion of police training academy. K9 police officers and their K9 companions both receives specialized training in the detection of narcotics, electronic devices, explosives, and corpses. They also learn patrol protocols, including how to release your dog, call for backup, track criminal suspects, exchange a leash for a weapon, and bringing their dog to heel after…show more content…
They patrol the community to prevent and respond to crimes, perform investigations, locate and arrest perpetrators and guard prisoners. Some of the differences for canine officers come in the form of the care they give their canine partners, including grooming, feeding and caring for their health. K9 officers must work with their canines in a variety of different scenarios such as finding cadavers, search of narcotics, K9 officers are also used in US Customs and Border Protection, Homeland Security and the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and

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