Police Brutality Conflict Analysis

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By utilizing the Nine Elements framework, a participant of the police brutality conflict can comprehensively examine the entirety of both the conflict and the negotiation. The nine elements include identifying (1) parties, (2) interests, (3) issues, (4) options, (5) standards of legitimacy, (6) alternatives, (7) relationships, (8) communication, and (9) the final commitment. No. 1 - Parties: When addressing the issue of police brutality, several parties must be considered, including: the police force, decision-makers in local government (ie., county council members, state delegates, etc.), the general public, police labor unions, attorneys, judges, and (sometimes) the Department of Justice. Ultimately, decisions will be left up to the police…show more content…
2 - Interests: Each party has a set of “interests” which motivates their behavior.6 By identifying and understanding these interests, one can understand what points should be satisfied to get the other parties on board with an agreement. Unfortunately, I am not privy to the knowledge of exactly what everyone wants, especially considering these negotiations have occurred in many jurisdictions across the country, so no two conflict negotiations are the same. Because of this and the previously mentioned “nuanced sub-factions,” I kept these interests general. First, the police force is interested in respect, trust, personal safety, and upholding the law. Second, the elected decision-makers in local government are interested in healthy relationships between civilians and government branches, pleasing voters, and maintaining a balanced budget. Third, the general public is interested in their own safety and the safety of their neighbors, and they are interested in justice being served. Fourth, the police labor unions are interested in the safety and job security of their officers. Fifth, attorneys are interested in pleasing their clients by winning their cases. Sixth, judges are interested in upholding the law. No. 3 - Issues: In the nine element framework, “issues” are the significant issues that a negotiated agreement must address in order for the parties to have thoroughly confronted all key aspects of the conflict. First and foremost, the biggest issue at play is the occurrences of police brutality. The second issue is the damaged relationship between the police and the public. The third issue is the lack of structure for holding misbehaving officers accountable for their actions. Finally, the fourth issue is finding funding for a policy solution that can address police

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