Diversity In Law Enforcement

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Diversity plays an important role in our everyday lives-- more important than anyone thinks. Instead of a picture perfect community where we all think and act similar to one another, we all have unique aspects to ourselves. For this very reason, it matters immensely to have diversity within the law enforcement. As a diverse society, not everyone is going to feel protected by officers of a different race than they may be. For example, considering the Ferguson situations, people might feel that the men and women being hired to protect us are doing anything but that. In a world where the population of minorities grow more and more with each day, it is only fair that the law enforcement leans toward employing from minority ethnic groups. Though…show more content…
The mere fact of having minorities in law enforcement jobs will reassure those unrepresented groups that they can trust someone to protect their given rights. However, some barriers to achieving diversity can be the hiring process itself. The employers may feel like someone is not qualified enough just because of the color of their skin, or even their gender. Too often, people see women as the weaker, sensitive sex, and already this is a problematic way to think. While it is not their job to discriminate because of race/gender, many people are aware of the existence of white supremacy in our society. This factor is a barrier to achieving diversity because white people have privileges and are seen higher than Asians or African-Americans are when deciding who to hire in the law enforcement. It is a huge, continuous cycle of people not trusting each other based on their own views. The only difference is some groups truly experience what it is like to live in a diverse society compared to a society run by a single, if not mostly majority and meager minority,

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