Negligent Supervision Case Study

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4. Evaluate negligent supervision and the risk of liability to an organization. A supervisor’s primary function is to ensure what needs to be accomplished effectively and legally according to their department’s mission. A supervisor must also guide, counsel, take disciplinary actions when necessary, and ensure their officers’ performances are ethical and moral (Peak, Gaines, & Glensor, 2010). First-line supervisors in particular (sergeants), are the most influential position in a law enforcement agency. A police sergeant is the direct link to the way an officer accomplishes the department’s vision, mission, and values (More & Miller, 2015). Police supervisors of all ranks have a duty to supervise a subordinate, and failure to act accordingly…show more content…
(2010), “Negligent failure to supervise occurs when the supervisor fails to properly oversee subordinates’ activities” (p. 236). Supervision is not a skill that a sergeant can learn over night. Supervision techniques vary in every sergeant and it correlates to the sergeant’s morals, ethics, and how he or she interprets their departmental policy and procedures. There is a total of ten talented sergeants on my shift, and each of us has our own ways of supervising our officers. There is not a specific method to lead our squad, and whatever method we utilize must conform to HPD’s general orders. When a sergeant has knowledge that one of his officer exercises excessive force on every suspect he encounters on a scene, the sergeant has a duty to take corrective action and amend the problem in a timely manner (Peak, Gaines, & Glensor, 2010). Sergeants not only supervise their officers but they also have to be proactive and provide counseling, mentoring, coaching, and training when it is necessary. A supervisor is expected to understand and know the people he or she supervises. In many ways, a supervisor is like a coach and in order to avoid criminal and civil litigations against the organization, individual officer, and supervisor himself or herself, a supervisor must be able to identify each of their officer’s weaknesses, strengths, and personal goals (More & Miller, 2015). (Justia,

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