Planning: The Importance Of Planning In Schools

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Schools yearly planning is a process that defines the curriculum direction, what standards to cover and when for each grade level. The benefits of effective planning make every minute you spend during planning worth, you will realize that from the start. It implements the framework of the disciplines, covers a part aligned to grade level standers, depending on the net mapping of the curriculum in the school. It’s an important tool to monitor the performance during the year and to rely on when planning for next years. I’ve chosen yearly planning for my discipline, Math, in my school as a specific curriculum area to talk about. Throughout my five years of experience in the school, I haven’t seen an effective planning taking any place in the…show more content…
To reach for a point, you have to know you’re starting one; starts with an honest assessment and open mind, to accept the truth about what is happening, then, proceed to solve the issues. An expert curriculum designer or company might be the first wise choice to solve such a problem; of course, this depends on the schools’ vision, how much the administration involved in such a case and the budget that the school assigned for improvements in all fields. I know it’s worth every penny to spend on building a concrete basis for the student’s future which starts with the right planning. Alternatively, form a committee of expert teachers from many disciplines and admin members to work collaboratively, give them the appropriate time and resources to solve such issues that occur every year with all grade levels. You need the people who know what is going on and have the experience, knowledge, and flexibility to map the current situation, identify gaps and design solutions for all grades through a long-term plan (3-5 years) and a short-term plan (for the coming…show more content…
I taught the national curriculum in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. I was the HOD in a bilingual school in Jordan that takes the IGCSE exams for four years, one of my major responsibilities was; map IGCSE syllabus with school resources and books, preparing the school students for ICCP (International Cambridge Curriculum for Primary) by the end of grade six, Checkpoint exam by the end of grade eight and IGCSE O Level exams by the end of grade ten. I’m teaching in an American System School right now and knowing about the Common Core Standards, give me the skills and knowledge to participate in such a whole school planning procedure. The school planning committee must start with setting long-term objectives, mapping the current situation and challenges, identifying gaps, assign tools needed in years 1, 2…etc, to solve the current issues and plan for the future. Support from different departments like IT, HR, Finance, Training and Development should be also

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