Bangor Symphony Orchestra Analysis

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The connection the Bangor Symphony Orchestra had with the audience is very palpable and strong. What initially showed this was the amount of audience members in the stands, how even on a college campus the fans of the symphony was still strong and prevalent. The age and significance of the Bangor Symphony Orchestra is also exhibited during the performance as much of musicians within the Orchestra have some type of personal importance, like that of the pianist whose biography states that the Chicago Tribune rated her a “First rate Mozartian”. Throughout the entire event, but most specifically after the performance, you see that the greater Bangor Metropolitan area truly loves their Orchestra. I found that the woodwinds section was especially important for the orchestra. This became prevalent in Tchaikovsky’s “Winter Dreams” where the feeling of snow falling could only be attained with the usage of the flutes. The woodwinds in general offered a type of gentle and wispy noise that made the songs more real to me. The Balcony offered me a bird’s eye view into…show more content…
The Piano was the centerpiece of Bartok’s concerto and Shaham did not disappoint. The skill which she portrayed during her performance gave the audience the necessary evidence to see how talented the pianist was. The collaboration between the two groups was one that portrayed mutual respect, as at the end of the piece when they were receiving the applause Shaham turned and applauded the orchestra, a gratitude which the orchestra returned with their own applause. The piano during Bartok’s concerto was a natural way to control the emotional nature of the different parts of the concerto. As this piece is meant to recount different parts of Bartok’s life, the piano served as a type of indication to the audience whether the moment was meant to be somber or

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