Operations Strategy: Halliburton

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Operations strategy defines how an organisation could manage their resources for its production. People within the operations management play the most important role in a company. They need to be able to manage how to keep or attract customers to their products or services and have a major competitive advantage against their competitors. Lack of competence and skill within this segment can easily lead to failure and loss. To avoid so, a manager needs to comply with a certain strategy to stay on track. Different departments of a company follow different strategies developed by their management in order to achieve their goals. These strategies are formulated by applying different procedures that corollate to the most suitable point that is…show more content…
In the midst of the the oil and gas industry declination - punctuated by almost 80% decline on lag rig count, Halliburton gained a significant market share. Halliburton found the opportunity for improvement during the declination when it reached the bottom of the cycle at the end of the second quarter. By helping their customers increase the efficiency of their operations through their quality of services and superior technology, as a result, growth has been seen in rig count and activity which allowed an increase in utilisation and return of investment by the fourth quarter. In Brunei as example during the budget cut, Halliburton came up with a proposition by helping their operator (Brunei Shell Petroleum, BSP) to reduce the cost of each barrel of oil to be able to squeeze in their capital budgets by driving down costs, improve productivity and increase the recovery of the wells to be able to maximise…show more content…
(a)Social service Halliburton supports a variety of charities and other organisations that are working to end homelessness, protect abused women and children, and eradicate hunger – in short, to help communities address their most pressing social issues. (b) Stakeholder engagement Halliburton engages with a range of external stakeholders, including investors, legislators and regulators, industry groups, and the general public. Halliburton builds relationships through employees’ and executives’ participation in conferences and industry groups, and through publishing thought-leadership pieces in mainstream media and trade publications. Halliburton works with government officials to provide in-depth information on the operations, examine emerging technologies and contribute to the discussion of regulatory standards. (c) Human rights From the board of directors to business development professionals and field employees on every job site, conducting with honour is the most important

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