Physician Assistant Research Paper

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A physician assistant is a mid-level healthcare provider who administers medical treatment within a team of physicians, surgeons and other healthcare professionals, holding a license that can be obtained in less time than a medical degree. Physician assistants are concerned with treating injuries and illnesses by performing broad range of medical procedures under the supervision of a physician or surgeon. Their scope of practice depends on the health care setting, qualifications, and supervising physician. Physician assistants tasks include reviewing medical records, performing physical and medical history examinations, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, making diagnoses concerning injury or illness, giving treatment, educating and counseling patients and their families, prescribing medicine, recording patient progress, staying up to date with medical treatment and protocol, and promoting wellness by either conducting or participating in outreach programs.…show more content…
Essentially anywhere there’s a practicing physician or surgeon. The work of a physician assistant depends on their specialty and what their supervising physician allows and instructs them to do. For example, a physician assistant working in surgery may first assist, close incisions and provide care pre and postoperatively. A physician assistant working in pediatrics may examine a child and give routine vaccinations and school physicals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, physician assistants held about 86,700 jobs in 2012. The industries that employed the most physician assistants in 2012 were offices of health care practitioners and hospitals. Most physician assistants work full time. In hospitals, physician assistants may work nights, weekends,and holidays, they may also be on

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