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During World War II, 1.3 million Jewish adults and 3,000 Jewish children were experimented on by Josef Mengele. This war was very nonsensical and killed 1.6 million people due to gruesome experiments. Many people can kill someone and feel no remorse, but a war kills many people, and most of those people are innocent. There are generally two sides to a war, not necessarily a “good side and bad side” because it is whatever people trust is the “right” side to be on. However, World War II affected the entire world. Six million Jews died during World War II and none of them deserved to die such horrid deaths. Josef Mengele was born on March 16, 1911, in Gunzburg, Germany. He was the oldest son of Walburga and Karl Mengele. His father was a “...prosperous…show more content…
Mengele became known as the “Angel of Death” or “White Angel” as a result of his “coldly cruel demeanor on the ramp” ( where he chose whether a person was sent to work or to the gas chambers. This moniker became more relevant as he started his work, again, with von Verschuer who was “a leading scientific figure widely known for his research with twins” ( Mengele and von Verschuer began performing several “...legitimate research protocols using twins as test subjects throughout the 1930s” ( The work was usually immensely gruesome, so trained medical professionals were hired to handle jobs such as autopsies on the murdered victims, as well as other things. The experiments and tests executed in Auschwitz ranged from his famous work on twins, to documenting the effect of a morbid disease on camp inmates. In January 1945, Josef Mengele fled from Auschwitz to avoid arrest for his crimes. Mengele’s work at Auschwitz was not exactly beneficial to medicine or the medical field, and it is important to remember the brutality of his experiments and the pain he caused his

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