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Corrie Ten boom was a very religious lady. The Boom family saved over hundreds of Jews during WWII. (“Corrie ten Boom Biography”). Corrie worked for her father's shop when her sister was very sick. Corrie helped her family get back on their feet by putting more food on the table. She save around 800 Jewish lives by keep them inside her family's house or finding homes for the families. She survived a harsh concentration camp with having her sister die on her. She later helped Jews after the war to help get them back to living normal again. Corrie was born on April 15, 1892. Her early years were spent in the Netherlands with her three siblings. Her two sisters were Betsie and Nollie, and one brother Willem. Corrie’s father “Casper, was a jeweler…show more content…
Months later, the Boom family grew very quiet, this is when Corrie’s family began to hid Jews (“Corrie ten Boom Biography”). The first place Corrie though of when hiding the Jews was a “cubby hole behind the corner cupboard in the dining room.” But the contractor did not like that idea. He said “ ‘First place they’d look. Don’t bother to change it though. We’re interested in saving people not things’ ” (Ten Boom and Sherrill 84). In Corrie’s bedroom was where the family hid the Jews. It was the size of a small closet. the closet could hold up to six Jews (“Corrie ten Boom Biography”). Inside the hidden room, you were able to stand up and sit down. The room was able to fit a mattress too. There was a vent inside the room that allowed air from the outside to come in (Ten boom and Sherrill 85). “‘ The Gestapo could search for a year,’ “ the contractor said. “ ‘ They’ll never find this one’ “ (Ten Boom and Sherrill 85). If there were to be an investigation inside the Boom house, the Jews that were hiding had to stand very still and be quite. Inside the Boom’s house, was a buzzer that would go off if Nazis were in the neighborhood. This buzzer would give the Jews only a minute to hid. With hiding Jews inside the secret room, the Boom family saved around 800 Jews. (“Corrie ten Boom Biography”). The Boom family tried to save as many families as they could. Not only did Corrie’s family hid jews inside…show more content…
They had asked if the Jews inside their house could not sing as loud. Everyone could hear them from the streets (Ten Boom and Sherrill 134-135). After that little talk the Boom family was fighted to know that someone knew what they were doing. They were especially scared of one person knowing “was the chief of police himself” (Ten Boom and Sherrill 135) On a January morning Corrie got a letter in the mail saying that she need to go to the “police chief's stationary” that afternoon (Ten Boom and Sherrill and 135). Having that visit with the chef made everyone in the family frighted not know what would happen to the them. It was February 28, 1944 was when the Boom family was caught for hiding Jews (“Corrie ten Boom Biography”). Corrie woke up one night to the sound of a buzzer going off. She thought it was a drill, but it was not. All of the jews ran to go inside of the hidden closet (Ten Boom and Sherrill 142). “ As I crawled out from under the covers, the man took a slip of paper from his pocket and consulted it. ‘So you’re the ring leader!’ He looked at me new interest. ‘Tell me, where you are hiding the Jews?’ “ (Ten Boom and Sherrill 142). They were not able to find 6 Jews that were hiding inside the house. Those Jews stood inside of the house for three day before they were rescued (“Corrie ten Boom

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