Dr. Mengele's Involvement In The Holocaust

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Josef Mengele was a famous member of the Nazi party. He lived from 1911 to 1979 and is known for having performed brutal experiments on the prisoners of the concentration camps. When one learns about the childhood of Dr. Mengele, one would never expect him to grow up to be the terrible person he was. On the contrary, as a young man, Mengele was very educated. His schooling made him one of the most qualified people to experiment with human beings. Rumor and conjecture surrounds this man’s entire life, especially his years after World War II ended. Dr. Mengele’s involvement in the Holocaust became the center point of his life. Learning about Josef Mengele’s life prewar, one would never guess that he would become the monster he is remembered…show more content…
This goal of his was never achieved. In January of 1945, word reached Auschwitz of the Soviet Army advancing into Poland. Mengele fled. The next few weeks of his life were spent in the concentration camp, Gross-Rosen. When it was evacuated, he then made his way west, evading capture again by the Soviets. Immediately after WWII ended, the “Angel Of Death” himself was in U.S. custody. However, the U.S. was at the time, unaware that Josef Mengele was a wanted war criminal who spent his life torturing children for a living. He was quickly released. From the summer of 1945, for four years, until the spring of 1949, Josef Mengele worked under false papers as a farmhand near Rosenheim, Bavaria. During that time, Mengele’s wealthy family came back into play, aiding his emigration to South America, where Mengele settled for the remainder of his life of freedom. Little did he know, his life of war crime would follow him even until years after his death. In 1959, West German authorities sent out a warrant for Mengele’s arrest. In 1960, he moved to Paraguay and next, to Brazil. The very last years of his life were spent near Sao Paulo. Mengele was swimming at a vacation resort near Bertioga, Brazil, when he suffered a stroke and drowned. It was February 7, 1979. He was sixty-eight years old. Josef Mengele was buried in a suburb of Sao Paulo under the name of “Wolfgang

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