Physical Therapy Narrative

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Elementary school was really elementary schools. While most of my friends have known each other since kindergarten, I’ve only, now, known them since 6th grade. Continuously switching schools made me, by force, independent and diverged me from keeping continuity in my life. I was 10 years old when my father tore his meniscus in one of his knees during a volleyball game. Months before I had decided I wanted to be a doctor and when his physical therapy began I became intrigued. How did the therapy help? How did they know it helped? Unfortunately, my dad’s physical therapy would be cut short as my dad’s job was losing business. It pained me so see him yet unrecovered. Without a choice, I had to let it go. My new house was small and aged. It reflected how I felt and, unknowingly, how my body felt as well. But high school…show more content…
The moment I received the acceptance letter, the atmosphere filled with electricity as competitiveness had gained a new meaning in my vocabulary. I dabbled in sports, joined ASB, and then found my area of comfort in marching band my sophomore year. In elementary school I had found a passion for playing the clarinet but it had been interrupted. My thoughts lingered on the idea of once again playing the clarinet but color guard swiftly stole my attention. The commitment was alarming, but I ignored my gut instinct. To my surprise, I mastered the dancing, flag work, and rifle sequence. I twirled in the compliments of my instructors while simultaneously, picking up on the negative qualities of the people around me. Without a fight, I let my friend go persecuted for her beliefs. I let egotistical thoughts rule me in school. I would finally listen to my gut instinct. I remembered reading in a health textbook how to perform a breast self-exam. I pressed my fingers onto my flesh and found the one inch by one inch lump that would be diagnosed, after three devastating months, as a benign
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