The Freedom Writers Argumentative Essay

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Success is the only choice It’s very important not to quit.Quitting is just like saying I am giving up on: [my future],my life, ME. Just like in “The Freedom Writers.”They have just given up joined gangs, smoking weed, crack, ETC, and selling drugs.The students of Woodrow Wilson Classical High School have no concerns for others in any sense, But that's only in the beginning.They begin to work on their own problems.They begin in terrible situations. but change it for themselves and their families. Just as Marcus did, he began with everything but, he lost it, and had to work to get it back again. His mother kicked him out of the house for gangs and drug users, also similar to how I get in trouble for not doing homework, whether it's a grounding or permanently losing the item.“Evil prevails when good people do nothing, Erin Gruwell.It’s a great example/quote how he turned his situation around by not falling into the hands of evil He begins to help oneself by not hanging around drug users and gang members. He begins to help around his home and make himself plea to his mother to come back. Such as when I have…show more content…
Gruwell faced many obstacles. She had to then face a failing marriage,that then lead to divorce. Also had to deal with students who absolutely did not feel responsible for anything in school. In the film “The Freedom Writers” Mrs. Gruwell had students who had no respect and didn't try at anything. Mrs. Gruwell eventually made progress with most students and Mrs. Gruwell did have everyone pass and get up to national standards.Mrs. Gruwell also had to deal with a husband who divorced her because of work. Mrs.Gruwell wanted to work three jobs to have fun with the students in her class while getting them interested in school.Such as when my father and mother never got married and aren't together . It’s just one of those things you have to deal with such as divorce too. Also teachers make school fun by watching educational films and educated

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