Personal Narrative: A Career In Physical Therapy

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I am planning on pursing a college career. I plan on doing college career in physical therapy. Physical therapists provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients with injuries or disease. I plan on doing that career because it is all around the world and it is always going to be a job in it and needed. Physical therapy helps a lot if people get back to normal in his or her life. It helps people in car wrecks, sports injuries, after surgery and the elderly. It is just a great thing to pursue in life. Physical therapy can be taken up in college for four years. Most physical therapy is hands on trading and you can do hands-on on most of the patients.…show more content…
But not only but to help them nit get upset which everyone know that it can also be an emotional thing. I would want to help people get back to where they was before they got injured in the car wreck or whatever that may have happened. I do not mind helping no one that needs help because I would want someone to help me if I was down and need therapy and in that situation. Physical therapy is great career and would advise anyone to take it that like to care for other people. When been a physical therapy you have to be very patient to people when helping them because they are soar, move slower, angry and some cannot move too much. Physical Therapist in the United States is $79,843 so 50% of the people who perform the job of Physical Therapist in the United Sates are expected to make less than $79,843. This really good paid for the ones who enjoy their job and want they do for others. Everyone cannot get this paid in any kind of job but when you pursue a college career you gets what you deserve. I think everyone need to pursue a career that they like doing because you never want to pick something that is going to make you unhappy and boring or maybe even

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