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I would like to study sports therapy because I am very eager to learn in more depth about injuries and techniques to improve the injured athlete. What inspired me to become a sports therapist is the optimistic experience I have seen from a physiotherapist in action when my friend got injured from playing football. The therapist did a couple of stretching exercises to correct his muscle imbalances. I was really impressed with her work because it helped him to get back in to football and to walk steadily, I also liked the holistic approach to how she cared. My interest for sports therapy blossomed even more when I watched the movie Just Wright .The film and the experience I had seen later then led me to researching about sports therapy. Studying sports therapy means that I have to be committed and hardworking. I am determined to be dedicated and use my time on this subject hoping to achieve my career aspirations and become a successful sports therapist. Sports therapy includes other elements other than Sports and the active recuperation and helping people overcome huge barriers in their lives is something that interests me.…show more content…
This subject has given me a perception of what sports injuries and rehabilitation is. I have always been interested in this particular unit, recent evidence of this can be seen in my sports injures and sports massage unit where I had to put together a produce a treatment plan for two athletes and demonstrate appropriate sport and exercise massage techniques. I also had to design a safe and appropriate treatment and rehabilitation programme for two common sports injuries. I enjoyed these units a lot, because it gave me an insight of what the subject will be

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