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Julie Nicole Dominguez May 15, 2015 English III - Corona PTA Physical Therapist Assistant If you are interested in a hands-on job, in which you observe patients during treatment sessions, assist patients, and receive instructions from a physical therapist, consider pursuing a career as a Physical Therapist Assistant. There are many reasons you should consider a career in physical therapy. A physical therapist assistant works under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. In many practices, physical therapists rely on the physical therapist assistant to make sure that all the patients have access to physical therapy services. They help the physical therapist by providing physical therapy treatment sessions that the therapist might…show more content…
Physical therapist assistant needs an associate's degree, that is required with licensed requirements in most states. The length of a physical therapist assistant program is usually two years (five semesters) consisting of general education course work, physical therapy courses, and clinical education (“Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Education Overview”). With that being said, students take courses in Algebra, English, Psychology, Anatomy, and Physiology, this field need people to be dedicated and willing to be a full time student. According to American Physical Therapy Association, approximately seventy-five percent (75%) of the PTA curriculum comprises classroom (didactic) and lab study and the remaining 25 percent (25%) is dedicated to clinical education. PTA students spend on average 16 weeks in full-time clinical education experiences (“Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Education Overview”). The whole idea of the program is to achieve this degree is to: graduate being willing to adapt, become knowledgeable, self-assured, and be service oriented while working with clients. An entry level is not mandatory, but having a state-issued license is necessary in most states; however in Colorado and Hawaii licensure are not required. Another educational requirement would have to be the tuition and fee rates for the physical therapist assistant program are about $7,816 in Public…show more content…
(“Essential Skills Required”). These skills are required to make sure you are doing this job to the best of your ability to restore, and promote top wellness and fitness and quality of life as it relates to movement and health assisted by PTAs when appropriate. Finding a permanent or semipermanent job location may be difficult, but if you are willing to relocate then we suggest being open minded about this. The demand in this field is hitting a new high, demands in Texas, Washington, Illinois, New York, Missouri, Florida, Arizona, and South Dakota (“Physical Therapist Assistant Salary (United States) United States Home Change Country Don't See What You Are Looking For?Get A Free Custom Salary Report »”). Job duties of a physical therapist are not all too basic, for example, you have to be willing to work 40 hour weeks or even more depending on the client. Treatments are some of the things that the head therapist will be directing you to do, with your training this may come easy to you. all together you have a responsibility to your workplace and your clients to be there everyday, and only taking minimum time for yourself. A physical therapist needs to see a patient be able to maintain and promote the physical function also top wellness and fitness before telling the therapist if you have any improvement

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