Massage Therapy Case Study

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At Divine Connections Massage & Spa, sisters and owners Maggie Malast and Mercy Terrill combine their desires to help others to create an oasis for those seeking refuge from pain, a need for relaxation or treatment for a variety of skin care issues. Both healing and rejuvenation can be found at this family owned and operated spa. By customizing various treatments to meet individual needs, these sisters and their well-trained staff make clients feel part of the family as well. Maggie is a licensed Massage Therapist and an esthetician. A graduate of Florida State University and Sunstate Academy, she has years of work experience in spas and chiropractic settings. The massage therapies she offers include prenatal, neuromuscular, myofascial…show more content…
And compassion for others is what motivates Mercy as she works with clients to meet their needs and desires. After being a stay at home mom for fifteen years, Mercy decided to join her sister as a Massage Therapist. She also graduated from the massage therapy program at Sunstate Academy. Born with Aniridia, Mercy is legally blind. Her hands, she said, have become her eyes as she works with clients. Her longtime clients attest to her abilities to heal. One client, Colleen, 54, had back pain for many years. She saw several Massage Therapists and chiropractors for treatment. She said of Mercy, “I feel like she’s a healer. When you have a problem, she knows every single muscle in the body and that’s uncommon. Her knowledge really makes a difference.” The sisters’ passion for massage therapy stemmed from their own experiences which led them to seek treatment for themselves. “We both got results with massage therapy. Once I started learning about what massage therapy could do for people with pain, I realized this is my passion,” Mercy explained. With her passion discovered, she then took the advice her grandmother had given her many years ago. “She told us ‘Once you realize what you love to do, you’ll never work another day in your

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