Animal Agriculture Survey Essay

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Through this survey project I set out to learn what people think about animal agriculture and how their lifestyle choices reflect their beliefs. Not only did I focus on the survey results, but I tried to consider how they reacted to the survey itself. While handing out surveys most seemed willing to help likely due to the fact that they too had to do a similar project. I did however encounter a change in their reactions once they skimmed the survey over. The most interesting reaction was that of a man who decided not to take the survey seriously at all. He went through the page disagreeing with all the statements, not taking a moment to read thoroughly whilst mentioning, “This is a dumb survey, I want bacon.” In another instance I had a woman who seemed reluctant to participate. She asked, “Is this for class?” Once I confirmed that it is a project she agreed to help, she began reading and answering. A moment later she glanced up and said, “This is right up my alley,” after she completed the survey we had a short discussion about her vegetarian lifestyle as well as the problems of the animal agriculture industry. The last reaction I received was the same for several of the people I interviewed. I had students who felt obligated to answer in a certain way, because their lifestyle choices do not reflect…show more content…
All fourteen participants agreed that they should use decomposable products, of those thirteen agreed that we should use products made from recycled materials as well. Eleven participants also agreed that we should limit our water consumption, of those five agreed that animal agriculture is sustainable and only one of those stated he was unaware that animal agriculture was harmful to the environment. Although most agreed that they should limit their dairy and meat consumption, two of seven people do not agree and three out of four of those people are

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