Physical Education Philosophy Statement

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I believe the purpose of PE is to teach the whole student, not just their body and movement. I have always had a deep love for sports and being active, that is why I believe I might become a great physical educator some day. I am hardworking and dedicated to helping students become more physically active. I have great enthusiasm and a love for being physically activity that I can share with my students. I contain a great knowledge of a variety of different sports and activities that I have learned through personal experience, as well as formal classes. Physical education teaches students about movement, strategies, teamwork, problem solving and health related fitness. In school you are exposing students to various physical activities, sports,…show more content…
This quote will be a reminder to everyone one of my students and also to myself, you can better yourself everyday, socially and physically just give it a try. In my classroom, I will create a very open and friendly environment, where students can be free to express themselves and try new activities without fear of rejection or humility. They will be asked to better themselves and not worry what others are doing. This goes for every age group, there is no reason to be afraid in life. “Everyone has fears”. I will be active with my students and participate with them. I believe that if an authority figure is being active with them, they will be more willing to participate and try new things. I, however, want a level of discipline and respect within my classroom as well. I believe if I treat my students with a level of respect and treat them as important members of their own education, then I will receive respect…show more content…
With the use of the national and state standards, I plan to teach the students lifetime skills and activities they can use anywhere and everywhere. Through the accompaniment of the Sports Education Model, I want to give the students the ability to be fit for life, as well as learn social and networking skills, such as teamwork, creativity, verbal skills, and collaboration. I plan to teach a wide variety of activities to expose the students to more than just the typical. Activities like badminton, pickleball, modified rugby, cross-country skiing, among others will be included in my classes. I want to expose my students to a wide variety of activities with the hope that they will like one and stick with it for the rest of their life, to continue to be physically active outside of class. This can be done by offering extra credit for participating in non-school related sports activities, such as triathlons or road races. To further emphasize continued participation in physical activity, I can encourage parents to play or join their children in the activities they enjoy. It is fundamental to this profession, and as a role model, that teachers practice what they preach. By being involved in many physical activities, both in and outside of school, students will see I live what I teach and hopefully

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