Aristotle's Theory Of Education Essay

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Basically education is the most important to all human beings. Every activities has a background foundation in education. It gives opportunities to each human being to achieve their fullest personal, spiritual, mental, social, and physical potentials. The capacity of being educated is what therefore differentiate human being from animals. Education also changes an individual and allows her to effect change in her environment. “The word education comes from the Latin educare, to draw out. In a broad sense it means not only to elicit creative throughout and knowledge from the student, but to draw humankind out of the predicament it is in. and that predicament, according to both Jewish and Christian view points, radically differs from the original perfection God established at creation” (Youngberg, 1994, P – 69). Based on this definition, E. G. White had a very comprehensive and…show more content…
Instead educated weaklings, institutions of learning may send forth men too strong to think and to act, men who are masters and not slaves of circumstances, men who possess breath of mind, clearness of thought, and the courage of their convictions (White, 1903, pp. 17 – 18). Although Aristotle’s work has reached us in incomplete form and many important texts are missing, his theory of education can be seen to occupy an important place in his philosophical thinking as a whole. While White’s writing’s was about the education of restoring man though redemption and to prepare him of the life to come. REFERENCES 1. (1996). "Aristotle (384-322 BC)." The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (On-line). Available http: / / www. utm. edu/ research/ iep/ a/ aristotl. htm. 2. Davidson, Thomas. (1900). Aristotle and the ancient education ideals. New York: Charles Scribner's. 3. White, E. G. (1903). Education. Boise: Pacific Press Publishing Association. 4.

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