All About Me: Pillars Of Physical Development

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All About Me - Autobiography Pillars of Development Physical Development Physical Development begins when your body hits puberty, from there your pituitary gland will produce a growth hormone that will help you take on your adult appearances and size. During this time you will gain an increase in sex hormones, estrogen for females and testosterone in males. Also, your sex organs will have reached their full growth, start to function, and then become fertile. Your appearance can be a factor to determine your sexual maturity. For example, changes in hair colour, body shape, or facial features which are all secondary sex characteristics. The key to a successful physical development is to have healthy eating habits, an adequate amount of sleep,…show more content…
The 8 universal emotions, which are most identified and expressed are: fear, sadness, anger, joy, disgust, surprise, anticipation, and acceptance. Throughout the duration of adolescence we learn how to respond appropriately in situations, so that our response does not hurt ourselves, our reputation, and the feelings of others. Learning how to deal with our feelings on our own can be hard, that’s why it helps when you have a friend or someone close that you can talk to about your problems. You also develop by learning how to make judgements, trusting others, and taking responsibility for your actions. Also, you should be able to clearly identify your needs and prioritize your…show more content…
For example, if I have a major project due next week that requires a head start, i’ll have to turn down the chance to bike ride with my siblings since I prioritize. Additionally, i’ve inherited my dad’s assertiveness and the need to constantly be busy. For example, in cadets I volunteered to be flight commander even though I didn’t know any of the commands, but I was still willing to try it out, because I enjoy constantly learning new commands and how to improve. Another example, is that I surround myself with positive people not only during my classes, but also during lunch, this helps me deal with any emotional stress i’ve been feeling. Since i’m not used to high school and the all the assignments, having trusting friends makes me feel better about myself before I go in to take a test because I can tell them about my fears and in general I can discuss my problems with

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