Toddler Development Essay

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Attachment is a strong emotional bond that an infant builds with a caregiver such as parents, teachers or anyone who is involved with children and forms a base for social development and relationships. I would describe attachment as a life-long process that starts in the first year of a child’s and goes on to adulthood. Also, it creates the feeling of “giving care” and ensures the child that protection and nurturing will be given. Attachment happens when an infant ties on to an adult, it is a two-way process which means that the infant attaches onto the adult and vice versa which results in a relationship. Erick Erickson’s stages of development include four different stages with age groups and tasks. The first stage is the Infancy stage that involves children 0-1 year old with the task being Basic trust versus Basic mistrust. This means that sense of trust requires a feeling of physical comfort and the infant's basic needs are met by responsive…show more content…
Toddlers begin to find power and define themselves by their behaviors when they interacting with others and making decisions. One example of a typical toddler behavior is seeing a three year old in a classroom walking all over, grabbing toys and books. This behavior shows that the three year old is exploring his/her surroundings and it is important for emotional, social and physical development. Toddlers love to try doing things on their own even taking care of themselves. Autonomy in children is feeling, acting and thinking independently. On example of autonomy in a toddler would be self-help skills such as self-feeding. This is also a typical toddler behavior because the child is beginning to find his/her independence by attempting to do things on their own and develop skills that he/her is going to use in the future. It is important to let children do things themselves so they can grow and begin to see themselves as an
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