Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fibres

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CHARACTERIZATION OF HYBRID MATRIX NATURAL FIBRE COMPOSITE ABSTRACT The developments in the field of composite materials are growing tremendously day by day. One such development is the use of natural fibres as reinforcement in the composite material. This is attributed to the fact that natural fibres are environmental friendly, economical, easily available and non-abrasive. The main objective of this experimental study is to fabricate the flax-kenaf fibres reinforced hybrid composites and to evaluate the mechanical properties such as tensile strength, flexural strength and impact strength. The Composites are fabricated by hand lay-up method by using flax and kenaf fibres as reinforcing material with Cashew Nut shell liquid…show more content…
The extracted cashew nut shell liquid resin was mixed with Polyester was varied from 0% to 100% and poured into a mould measuring 300 ? 300 ? 3mm. The care must be taken so that the resin does not cure in the curing pot itself. The inner surfaces of the mould were coated with wax to enhance the removal of the composite after curing. The resin and the hardener were mixed in the proportion of 10:1. 0.4% weight of Methylethyketone (MEKP) peroxide was added to act as accelerator for curing. The fibre weight fraction was 30% in alkali- treated conditions. The laminate was fabricated by using flax and kenaf fibres with CNSL and Polyester resin over the base plate. This laminate consists of four layers. Then the six sets of hybrid laminate had been cured under the loaded condition for 12 hours with the help of the weight press in order to minimize residual stresses. The fabricated samples are shown in figure-1 (a) and (b). The characterizations of fabricated samples are presented in Table…show more content…
The edges of the specimens are neatly finished and small ?v? notches are also provided by using hack saw blade. During the test the maximum energy that can be stored to break the specimens are noted for the entire specimen for analysis of results. One of the main reasons of concern for composites generally is the low values of impact energy. They show relatively low values of impact energy compared to metals. The ways to increase the impact energy of the composites are being made the major area of research. The impact test was carried out by Charpy test and the results were recorded are shown in figure 7. The tests showed that the composites made with 100% Polyester resin composites were not very good with the impact stress as it showed very low values form the tests performed. The fibre provides strength for the composite material, as the kenaf and flax fibre percentage in the composite is only 30 percentages. The 100% Polyester composite have a better impact strength than the CNSL based

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