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This chapter deals with review of literature related to the research study. Based on the objectives of the research review was carried out and described in the following headings. • To study the socio demographic profile of the respondents • To identify the physical and psychological health of the respondents • To understand the quality of life of the respondents • To know familial relationship of the respondents Thrissur is otherwise called the Cultural Capital of Kerala in light of its social, otherworldly and religious leanings all through history. Old age Population details in Kerala Population ageing is the ultimate consequence of demographic transition. The final stage of demographic transition stands for fewer births and deaths.…show more content…
A child born today in Kerala is expected to have a life span of 70 years. According to the findings of the Kerala Migration Study, Kerala’s population is 31.4 million with an annual growth rate of 1.1 per cent (Zachariah, Mathewand Irudaya Rajan, 1999; 2000) The aged Aging is generally defined as consisting of population above 60 years of age. Some demographers also distinguish categories of the old: young old (60-69 years), old (70-79 years), oldest old (80-89 years) and the extreme old (90+ years). Rising Aging Scenario In Kerala According to the 2001 evaluation, there were 56.88 million elderly (60+) in India speaking to 6.8 for each penny of the nation's populace. The old (70+) represented 21.07 million and the most seasoned old (80+) numbered around 6.37 million. Among elderly ladies, 54 for each penny of youthful old, 67 for every penny of the old and 70 for every penny of the most seasoned old are dowagers (Irudaya Rajan, Mishra and Sarma, 1999; 2000). The measurements are very extraordinary in Kerala contrasted with India (Irudaya Rajan and Zachariah, 1998; Irudaya…show more content…
The least was found in Wayanad. On the whole, eight locale in Kerala have specified more than 200,000 elderly populace. Then again, in the event that we are taking a gander at the extent of the elderly, the most astounding extent is accounted for Pathanamthitta locale (60 in addition to, 70 or more and 80 or more), trailed by Alappuzha and Kottayam areas. As indicated by the 2001 enumeration, just four areas in Kerala have announced one-tenth of their populace as old. Notwithstanding, as indicated by the Kerala Migration Study (2008), the Pathanamthitta region is as yet driving with 16 for every penny there were more female elderly in Kerala contrasted with male elderly in all areas aside from Idukki in 2001. The extent of male elderly was 8.4 and it was 9.4 for females. In 2008, the two guys and females have crossed the 10 for every penny check. In 2001, 3 locale have revealed the extent as over 10 for guys and the quantity of areas having a place with this class have gone to 9 out of 2008. A similar number for females was 5 areas in 2001 and moved to 10 regions in 2008

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