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A dystopia is a society far from perfect that is controlled by a higher power and through a prolonged "worst-case scenario" makes a statement about current society. 1984 is a book with in a book. The book is partly about communism and what's wrong the communism. Harrison Bergeron is about the government making everyone equal and calling them handicap by putting transmitters and other things in people’s heads. The Purge is set in the future where a wealthy family is held hostage for holding the target of murderous syndicate during the purge. A purge is a 12-hour period in which any and all crime is legalized. All dystopian literature, whether novel, short story, or film share similar characteristics. The key features that a dystopian society…show more content…
Key features of a dystopian novel are banishment of the nature world. In the book 1984, the information was restricted. “This last was for the disposal of waste paper. Similar slits existed…” Basically the party is trying to dumb down the citizens of Oceania. In Harrison Bergeron, the citizens fear the botside world because they didn't know what it was like to be different. They fear if everyone is different there will be competition so they kept everyone the same. Much like the characters in the other pieces, George doesn’t know what the real world is like. The citizens inside the house, from The Purge, are going everything they can to protect themselves from the violence in the outside world. “Government sanctions an annual 12 hour period in which all crime activity, including murder is legal.” All crime, whether it’s killing, stealing, etc. is legal for 12 hours. Although dystopian environments have many of the…show more content…
The protagonist in 1984, Harrison Bergeron, and The Purge are trapped but want to escape. In 1984, Winston is mentally trapped. “Two and two make five, you would have to believe it.” The Party is brainwashing Winston. In Harrison Bergeron, George is physically controlled. “I don’t notice it anymore. H’s is just a part of me.” Pg2 They kept his physically disabled. The protagonist in the Purge are trapped physically and fear the outside world during the 12 hour free crime period. “Tonight allows people a release for all the hatred and violence they kept up inside them. The Sandin family lives in a heavily for God home to protect them from the thieves. While the need to escape is equally present in each character, the reason behind each instinct are different. They each view the problem in their dystopian worlds. In 1984, Winston questions the motives of the party. “To be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies.” They carefully demonstrate Winston’s awareness at their doublethink. In Harrison Bergeron, George, even with limited mental capacity, is aware that something is wrong I the way that society is controlled. “Maybe the dancers shouldn’t be handicapped.

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