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Many reforms were introduced to Russia that covered many specific aspects; one of those aspects was to change the looks of women. Clothing transformation of women from the century before to the new century of westernization was a great decision made by Peter The Great. Russian Tsar had a purpose to challenge the orthodox religion and tradition by introducing the European fashion. The reform of fashion changed the way the noble women lived and socialized. Even though the elite class was popular in their fashion at all times. Changes in fashion, and better socialization opened an opportunity for women to become the subject of books of foreign countries. Women were ordered to wear head dresses or, as Bruyn mentions it was called “distinguished…show more content…
These dresses were good for the cold weather of Russia, but also it represented how Russian girls were raised to become a good Orthodox maiden. The Russian Orthodox Church was involved in the lives of people and was interested in the way women dressed. Women’s dress up was important for the Orthodox Church because virginity and arranged marriages of the girls was important, and the church believed that virtuous women are the productions of conservative dresses. Russia was challenged with many reforms during the time of Peter The Great. Peter wanted to change many aspects of Russia and introduce a new era for the country. One of the important reforms he introduced was to westernize the fashion of the country. About the aspect of fashion, he even decided to change the way the elite people dressed. His purpose of this transition was to challenge the beliefs and practices of the orthodox religion, and not only make life better for women. Fashion was also important for him because the way that people’s physical appearance represented the country more than anything else. As for the fashion appearance was more visible and it was involved with the whole population. “Time has wrought great changes in…show more content…
Transition of women from headdresses and overcoats to colourful fabrics and skin showing was a big step to success for the Russian women. Females in the Russian society became popular in foreign books and in being creative on the accordance with the French fashion style. Peter reform concluded women to be heard all around the world. The new reform of European fashion stayed and used by noble women, but this change upset the church argued “concerns about women’s sexual honor, its preservation now linked with preserving the honor not only of the family but also of Russianness itself.” Church was mostly worried because they thought westernization of Russia was going to corrupt them. However, Peter never worried about what the church said about female dress and other aspects. (Engel 20) Also in his reform, he “issued decrees in 1700, 1702, and 1724 against forced marriages. These decrees required that a betrothal take place no less than six weeks before the wedding, ‘so that the groom and bride can recognize each other.” (Pushkareva 157) introduced for both male and female. Weickhardt’s argue that Peter was a man who cared little about everything. He argues that Peter used the best out of the cultures that were presented in Russia to build a country he believed would grow to be

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