Grendel Vs Beowulf Research Paper

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Kiara: Beowulf went from a hero to an anti-hero. In the first movie he was more like a hero, in the second movie he was more like a villain. In the first movie Beowulf is honest, and really brave. In the second movie at first he was really brave and honest and he was nice. Then he got a pretty girl and temptations got him since he seen a pretty girl. In both the movies he was a total different person, but still had the same job. In the 2005 film Beowulf was more like a hero. He was a really brave man. He is said to be one of the bravest man who capture and kills monsters. In the 2005 film he ends up chopping Grendal’s hand off. He cares for the peoples life so he goes off to face Grendal and ask him to leave. He finds Grendals mother, and she tries fighting Beowulf. Of course Beowulf defeats grendals mother and she dies. In both the movies Beowulf is mostly the same but he ends up having some changes.…show more content…
Of course he is a monster slayer so he tells his story. Beowulf starts off really nice and honest about everything. Until the night he met Grendal. Beowulf wanted to face Grendal all by himself so he did. On this film Beowulf also chops off Grendals hand. Then Beowulf goes looking for grendal and finds his mother. The mother in this film is absolutely beautiful and Beowulf gets shocked by her beauty. Grendals mother tells Beowulf “you took my son away now you give me a son and you shall be king”. Then Beowulf was tempted by her beauty. He went back home and Hrothgar kills himself to make Beowulf king. Beowulf then becomes king and he doesn’t say anything. He marries the kings wife, he gets all the money, and never says a word about what

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