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Lead: Many government officials think that people should ban sugary drinks because people shouldn’t care how much sugary drinks people consume. Circle one: N - A - P - E Follow-up Some people say that 16 ounce sodas should provide two full servings to people. Circle one: N - A - P - E Issue at hand Even though to some people it doesn’t matter but to many other people it does because they pay more tax dollars for helping teens and adults with obesity or dentist how care for tooth decay. Circle one: N - A - P - E Thesis Alhough most people believe that they can manage what they drink, so the government shouldn’t have the right to manage people's health policy. Circle one: N - A - P - E Body Paragraph: #1 Topic Sentence This means…show more content…
Circle one: N - A - P - E What does the evidence SAY? Government officials should not have the right to regulate on food and soda products. Governments should have the right to let people make a vote on whether people should regulate food or not. Circle one: N - A - P - E What does it MEAN? By cutting down on soda and junk food well help the taxpayers decrease the amount they pay for the obesity of children. There well also be less obesity children and americans in the future. Circle one: N - A - P - E Why does it MATTER? This matters because if people follow the steps that people say they will have better health. Regulating the food will help people with chronic ill disease stay away from junk food. Although people don’t like the idea of doing americans would benefit of this for their future health Circle one: N - A - P - E CONCLUSION: What were you trying to SAY in your essay? I was trying to say that i think americans should not provoke on people who drink a lot of sugary fluids just because there will be a possibility of them getting obesity in the

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