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Comparing Codes of Ethics Designed to guide and protect counselors in practice, both the American Counseling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics and the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) Code of Ethics, as well as others available in the field of counseling, were developed it is essential that counselors utilize them as the proverbial bible for counselors. It is also important to keep the code of ethics guides accessibly handy for quick reference. Although there are a few guides to refer to, who are more like different translations to the counselor’s bible, all of the organizations that provide code of ethics guides have done so with the intent to cover a multitude of areas as it relates to the counseling profession. It has…show more content…
Thorough in relevance and nature, covering the educational responsibilities, expectations of professionalism, communication requirements, etc., the AMHCA Code of Ethics includes six main sections with thirteen sub-sections. The main sections include I) Commitment to Clients; II) Commitment to Other Professionals; III) Commitment to Students, Supervisees and Employee Relationships; IV) Commitment to the Profession; V) Commitment to the Public; and VI) Resolution to Ethical Problems. Each section covers pertinent information on rules, regulations and guidelines that govern the methods of practice in which counselors are to abide by for professional practice (AMHCA, 2015). The intended use of AMHCA Code of Ethics is to advance the professionalism of counselors toward remaining proficiently competent and to “assist” counselors in making morally “ethical decisions” for the cases involving clients. As mental health counselors, we are obligated to respectfully provide positively, effective and efficient services within the community while ensuring that we adhere to the affirmation of the commitment to AMHCA; loyally committed to the practice of delivering the “highest” level of “professional” services to clients (AMHCA,

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