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Thesis: In order to understand the connection between autoimmune diseases and an extreme childhood trauma, we need to understand how it is developed, learn the extreme traumas that are experienced by someone who is suffering with the illness, and benefits of the current treatments available. I. Introduction: A. What is an autoimmune disorder? 1. An autoimmune disorder is an illness, where an individual’s immune system attacks its own host instead of protecting it. It fails to identify the difference between what’s harming the body and what’s helping the body. 2. There are different theories on how autoimmune disorders are developed, whether it is in the genetics or simply due to our experiences. 3. There are a variety of different types…show more content…
The first individual, experienced their extreme trauma in their pre-adolescent age by being abandoned, neglected, and abused to say the least which caused them to have PTSD that started to affect them after the experience. When they started adulthood, health problems started to become more evident which they later found out they are suffering from an autoimmune disorder that is categorized as an Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease and also some digestive system issues. 2. The second individual, they experienced their trauma during their early adolescent years, they were emotionally and psychologically abused which caused them to develop anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Later in life, they were diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease. 3. The third individual, was physically and was psychologically abused during their young adulthood age it put a lot of stress to their mental health that it started to manifest physically. Due to their early childhood trauma, they were diagnosed with Crohn’s disease during their adolescent years. Due to the trauma that was experienced in their adulthood with the pre-existing diagnosis, taking note that they never smoked, they were diagnosed with lung cancer and had to go through chemotherapy at the age of 23. C. There are no cures for autoimmune diseases, but there are treatments that can be used to help make the day to day life easier for those who are suffering from the

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