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Name:Wilson,Jasmine Topic:How to properly inject a patient's knee General Purpose:To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my classmates on how to properly inject a patient's knee. Main Ideas: Instructing the nurse to make sure the patient is prepped for the knee injection. Evaluating the patient for the knee injection. Making sure that everything is done properly and give the patient some tips on making sure their knee remains strong. Introduction: Knee pain due to arthritis is a common complaint that many older adults have. Thesis Statement : Today I will be informing you guys how to properly inject someone's knee. Preview:The type of injection being used in this presentation is cortisone injection. Corrosion is an injectable steroid…show more content…
The nurse will ask the patient to lay flatly down on the medical table and relax of their muscles. The point of the patient relax their muscles is to reduce the pain of the needle. After the patient is relaxed the nurse will ask the patient to pull up their pants leg or whatever piece of bottom clothing wear so that the knee is exposed. Transition:The nurse will let Dr.Wilson know that the patient is ready for the cortisone injection. Dr.Wilson will make sure that the patient is comfortable and fully relaxed. Then Dr.Wilson will cleanse the patient's knee with Betadine. After cleansing the patient's knee,Dr.Wilson will place sterile gloves on. Then Dr.Wilson will take of the cap off the needle that is attached to the 3cc of cortisone. When injecting a knee with a cortisone injection Dr.Wilson always makes sure to inject the patient at the prepatellar bursa re. This area is located just below and lateral of the knee cap. In the case that the patient is afraid of needles, which is “almost always” according to Dr.Wilson. She always tells her patients to look away and she counts to 3 but injects the patient on number 2 to make the surprising (Most patients respond say “Oh that wasn't half bad” ). After injecting the knee a band aid is placed on the injection

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