Case Study: A Career As A Medical Assistant

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There are a variety of different job titles available for those who are interested in working for the medical field. Some include doctors, nurses, even emergency medical transponders (EMTs), and there are additional options. However, there is one particular career that seems to fall at the wayside in light of these other, more exposed jobs: Medical Assistants. Fortunately, medical assisting, once a job with hardly any recognition, is a growing career choice in the medical field. This is good news for those looking to pursue something a little different while still being a part of the medicine industry. Understanding the vast differences between a MA and, say, a nurse will help a career seeker make the right decision. Before listing the responsibilities and duties of an every-day Medical Assistant, the curious researcher must be aware that there is more than one kind of Medical Assistant; the two main titles are Certified Medical Assistant and Registered Medical Assistant, both of which have very different credentials and recertification requirements.…show more content…
Administrative duties consist of jobs similar to a secretary, where they will be required to answer and make phone calls, set up appointments, greet the patients as they arrive and prepare the patients for discharge, take care of the waiting rooms and front desk area, deal with insurance claims and filing, keep medical records correctly filed and up-to-date, as well as arrange for lab services. These particular duties do not require the Medical Assistant to have much in the way of physical contact with the patient so much as verbal contact (Medical Assistant Job Description: Administrative Medical

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