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Persuasive Speech Outline: Aggressive Driving Persuasive Speech : Excessive road rage and aggressive driving I. Attention- Nonverbal messages such as middle fingers, violent yelling and cutting off people are a familiar gesture that us natives use towards each other almost every other day throughout the work being. Impolite gestures such as these can eventually lead to a dangerous road rage with one another. II. Definition: Driving is an assortment of public and private acts. A car itself can give people empowerment of a personal power which can be very intoxicating. Even though it is just a car that carries us through it. III. Connection: Every day we commute to different places at different times every minute. With a lot of traffic…show more content…
To overcome aggressive driving we must first understand it. I would like to share with you the problem, the dangers and the solutions for this growing trend. I. The Problem: The major cause of aggressive driving is the ill-mannered or distracted driver. II. Other unmannerly driving behaviors also include changing lanes too rapidly and closely to other drivers and also revving or tailgating. III. Having not enough law enforcement on the highways and roads, too much traffic and also having any personal issues also can cause a driver to be aggressive as well. B. What not to do- Once the driver gets cut off or seen such a violent behavior that was acted towards them. The angry driver then may determine his annoyance through speeding, cutting the other driver off or also by using numbers of verbal and nonverbal messages. C. Although the driver might feel superior after his actions towards the other driver but this kind of display and behavior most of the times leads to very dangerous and usually result un damange with other vehicles or other drivers who were not even part of this. D. Danger I. Road rage can cause death, accidents and major mayhem if not prevented. Tailgating, swearing and gestures may seem harmless but they all can lead into an aggressive and horrifying

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