Persuasive Speech Outline Using Monroe's Motivated Sequence

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Persuasive Speech Outline Using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Name: Matt Eichelberger Why is this topic important to you? Cancer patients benefit from the use of marijuana and so do patients with other issues such as PTSD. NOTE: You must use each of the three persuasive appeals (ethos/pathos/logos) at le I. Marijuana usage will be voted on in the State of Ohio on Nov. 3, 2015 and the outcome will determine the usage and purpose of the drug that is currently considered illegal in the state. A. Do the citizens of Ohio choose to legalize pot? B. Thesis Statement: Marijuana has proven to be a source of relief for patients with diseases that affect their ability to control pain and to eat. C. Establish Ethos: My grandfather died of a glioblastoma which is a Grade 4 brain tumor, the…show more content…
Illustration of Need: i. Issue 3 is on the ballet to approve Marijuana for both medicinal and personal use. If the law passes, Ohio will be the first state in the country to approve the use of personal Marijuana prior to approving it for medicinal purposes. Issue 3 will also create a monopoly for growers by limiting the number of farms that would be permitted to grow it and create what law makers believe would be a monopoly. ii. Issue 2 is also on the ballot and was created by state law makers concerned with the fact that issue 3 would create the monopoly and give big interest groups the money and resources while forcing others out. C. Ramification of Need: i. The need for cancer patients will help increase appetite and decrease pain but at what cost to the recipient and insurance will not cover the cost to by the product. ii. Law Enforcement in certain areas argue that it will create a bigger problem not decrease the problem and could force more grows to

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