Persuasive Essay About Animals

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We were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up when I was little I said a princess a little later in life I said a rockstar now that i'm older I want to be a veterinarian. each year for christmas I was given a stuffed animal up into the time I was eight. now I get real animals this year I got a kitten named Snickers.When I was about sevenish I loved to play vet and now I want to be a vet. my family goes to the zoo every year and we get to camp I am a fantasist for animals! I wanna pursue to talk about this career because it gives me power to have a passion for animals.Do you honestly wanna be a vet Do you see yourself helping out whether it is in an office or in the city this career is all about the animals and not a lot about the people. Can you see…show more content…
Yes I still have very high hopes in this career to be a vet one day Future implications (next steps) for me to think about: I would like to work with Mike Cohen of Mike’s Mobile Vets.there are many awesome tasks to being a vet. Practice conclusion paragraph: I still want to believe that one day I will be sitting in a vets chair helping animals when they come through my office or mobile van . After researching valuable information i know i want to continue with this career. The personality is like mine and I love animals.The four years of college will be ruff but I can handle it. My vet can help me along the way. Look out vets cause here I
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