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I. There are numerous amounts of diseases all over the world. In present time, these diseases are cured or contained by vaccines. A couple centuries ago, doctor Edward Jenner developed the first vaccine in 1796. He discovered this vaccine by observing his ambience. Jenner realized that milkmaids (tend to cattle) usually contracted Cowpox, but after they recovered they were immune to the deadlier disease Small Pox. So Jenner said, “Why not infect people with Cowpox to confer immunity to the more dangerous disease.” With his research, he got the pus from a milkmaid who had Cowpox and put it on a small healthy eight-year-old boys cut. Eventually, the boy was infected with Cowpox, how Jenner predicted. When he was done recovering, Jenner took the…show more content…
Diseases are all over the world and there are copious amounts of them. A. Before scientists discovered what caused diseases, people had no idea what caused these harmful diseases or how to properly treat them. 1. The cause for disease used to be from people thinking they were caused by demons, witches, and miasmas. 2. No one knew how to take care or treat a disease, some of these odd treatments they used actually worked. a. Mint tea could sometimes soothe an upset stomach. b. Some treatments were useless as “Wearing a leather shoestring around your neck to cure a cough.” 3. Diseases are caused by bacteria, which is a single-celled organism. While many people think all bacteria is harmful, there are actually a lot of species of bacteria that are helpful. 4. The discovery on what causes a disease was made by Louis Pasteur. Pasteur developed the Germ Theory, this states that a microorganism called the “Germ” can cause dangerous diseases. He discovered the germ in a food conversion, the germ was infecting the food and beverages causing people to get…show more content…
In order for vaccines to work properly, they have to operate in a very convoluted way to make sure they live up to their standards. 1. Vaccines are developed by using the bacteria’s specimen that have been either killed or damaged which are dissolved in a solution. When the vaccine is injected into the body, the specimen revives that person’s immune system. After being injected, the immune system will now fight against the microbe by forming antibodies. Antibodies counteract with the vaccine and fight off the viruses. Regularly the immune system produces antibodies to fight off viruses, which are cells the immune system produces. 2. The immune system can later in the future recognize the same disease if it comes back and will automatically form antibodies. Unfortunately, there still many diseases for which it is impossible to create vaccines. B. Vaccines are the most beneficial and safest treatment for a disease. There are different kinds of vaccines to treat various amounts of

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