Ethical Issues In Black Rain

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Black Rain written by Masuij Ibuse, highlights a variety of ethical issues, themes such as: truth, human dignity and sanctity of life are all considered. It is to be noted that while Ibuse himself did not experience either bombing himself, his approach is that of case observation. The interviews conducted with the hibakusha were conducted with a sensitivity that allowed him to recreate a story which shifted between politics, citizen lifestyle and the theme of war. Personally, Ibuse is without fault for publishing the stories of the hibakusha while hybridizing them into his narrative. The explicit imagery and pinpoint details of personal stories express an unbridled sense of awareness throughout the narrative. This is a topic that is constantly browsed over in Japanese history classes yet frequently remembered on the larger scale by international communities. Ibuse’s heart and mind was in the right…show more content…
Characters walk through a maze of death, suffering and famine, while being conflicted with spontaneous burst of moral dilemma. For instance, the scene in which the father left his son to die underneath a pile of rubble only for the son to escape and be reunited with him. It is when we are put in the worst of situations that our true moral judgements show true face. In this certain instance, the very feasibility of human relationship is considered as a means and not an end. Meaning that life was simply used rather than valued; What does it take to forfeit the life of your own kin? Similar the concept of stewardship is very much present in Black Rain as Yasuko and her group encounters an abundance of distressed hesitant read in Black Rain “War, I concluded, paralyzes people’s power of judgment.” souls, yet If the topic of human dignity were to come into play it ought to be noted that war is irrational because it doesn’t promote the advancement of the human

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