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Personal Safety App using Speech Recognition API Nikam Tanmay, Gangurde Vidya, Patil Chaitalee, Vidya Kawtikwar Dept. of Information Technology, Padmabhushan Vasantdada Patil Pratishthan’s College of Engineering – PVPPCOE, Mumbai, India. Abstract—Personal Safety is one of the sectors where technology and advancements in technologies have not been utilized to the fullest potential. It is one of the highly neglected sectors where even in today’s technological age primitive methods are followed mainly due to high cost, unawareness, unavailability of applications and difficulty in handling them or utter neglect and complacency. For example even today most cars don’t have anti-theft alarms installed, most homes don’t have the feature…show more content…
Knowing an emergency situation has occurred is not enough it is necessary to know the exact location of the emergency to make the emergency response more efficient. Even in crime cases knowing when the crime has occurred, where it occurred play an important role in its investigation. Gathering of evidence from the crime scene can begin only when you are able to pinpoint the location of the scene of crime. Also crucial crime evidence can be saved from getting contaminated by arriving at the scene of crime as soon as the crime has occurred. Thus ‘when?’ and ‘where?’ are two of the most important questions which need to be answered in an emergency response scenario to make it effective and robust. Our app is focused towards acquiring answers to those questions and passing on the information to people who can assist the user in an…show more content…
Also the app requires the user to select contacts from the list of contacts stored in her smartphone to be alerted in case of an emergency. This contact selection can be easily implemented in Android using the Contacts Provider Android component. The app can be turned on and off by the user. The user has the option to turn off the app when she feels she is in an secure environment to avoid the app being kept running in the background to save battery and reduce smartphone load. This app feature is basically rendered using XML. When the app is activated by the user it keeps running on the user’s smartphone in the background using Android Service application component. The app keeps checking the smartphone mic input to see if the user uttered the set keyword. The smartphone mic input is basically taken as speech input for the app which is then converted to text and matched with the keyword text. The speech to text conversion is implemented by the SpeechRecognizer class methods of the Android Speech

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