The Conspiracy Theories Of John F. Kennedy

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November 22, 1963, chaos stuck at the Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States and was the 4th president to be assassinated. fskslkfslkflkflksfoaisfjoijfoijfoeifjoeijfoiejfjfnsklvjsdfkvjsndfkvjndsfkljvndfkljnkdfjnkjnskdfjndfnkflaiehgeurglijelkjfnksjankjdnfklajdfnvklfjnkjdnkgjnkjafnjkdsfnkjdnkdjfnkdjfnglfkdjngkdjsfnkdjkvmafjbkjgbileurbgeiurbgieurgieurgbeilugekfgbieubgileugbilfjgdknksfjdnkjdfngdjfnsgkjdskjndkfjkdjfgnksdjfngkjdfngkdjsngf On November 22, 1963, John was attending a parade in Dallas, Texas. Kennedy was shot at twelve-thirty PM while driving through Dealey Plaza in an uncovered limousine. When the motorcade passed the Texas School Book Depository, John F Kennedy was shot twice, once…show more content…
There are theories that the FBI and CIA and other shooters were a part of his death. One of the conspiracy theories include the ‘magic bullet’ theory. The theory explains that Oswald had only shot 3 bullets in Dallas, which killed the president and wounded governor John Connally very badly. Both men were hit with one single bullet and managed to break through JFK’s upper back leaving through his neck into the governor chest and leaving through his thigh. Sounds like a pretty strong bullet if it can pass through two bodies and cause severe damage. That is how the bullet got its name, because it was basically a magic trick. A famous video called the “Zapruder Film” was released and showed the shooting of the president from beginning to end. The 26 second film is one of the most important films ever recorded for it proved that some conspiracy theories were deranged, while it also showed some proof that some actually made sense. None of the conspiracies are proven to be true to this day, but the House Select Committee on assassination made a statement in a report that Kennedy was, “probably assassinated as a result of a

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