Principles Of Classroom Management

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In my opinion, Classroom management is one of the most important roles played by teachers because it determines teaching success. Students in classes where effective management techniques are employed have achievement higher than students in classes where effective management techniques are not employed. It is not possible for a teacher to conduct instruction or for students to work productively if they have no guidelines for how to behave or when to move about the room, or if they frequently interrupt teacher and one another.The most effective classroom managers don't simply impose rules and procedures on students. Rather, they engage students in the design of the rules and procedures. The simplest principles of classroom management enter…show more content…
patterns of semi-circle, are accepted as well. The blackboard is one of the teachers' greatest allies. I always try to be neat and orderly in my blackboard use. A messy, confusing blackboard drives students crazy. Sometime, I use electrical equipment which should fit comfortably in the room so everyone can see or hear it. Testing the aids before the class is necessary for me so that I am sure about how it will go on during the class . Adapting my voice and body language is one of the first requirements of good teaching. I need to be heard clearly by all the students in the room. Body language is another mean of communication with students .I use facial and hand gestures to enhance meaning of words and sentences that might be unclear. I keep eye contact with all students in the class and move around the classroom without distraction. I dress appropriately and I consider the expectations of the students. In terms of crowded classes , I try to make each student feel important by learning names and using them . Because, I live in a village I have a good relationship with the students parents this help me in the class discipline. I optimize the use of pair work and small group work and peer-teaching approach .To gain…show more content…
To engage students in a attractive classes,teaching aids should be use neatly and in the appropriate time. The time I need before and after using the aids should be put in consideration. Patience is a virtue. in the classroom patience is a necessity. In order to maintain good working relationships with the students that I teach, I need to be able to demonstrate patience. In terms of classroom management challenges you I anticipate to have in U.S. host school, I think, the first thing is the cultural difference between the Arabic and American culture. As I not raised in U.S. , I think, understanding how students behave in their usual situation will be unfamiliar with me. So in my opinion, establishing a good relationship not only with students but also colleagues is a necessity . I may run conversation with them outside the classroom about their activity and what they enjoy doing outside the school. Secondly: the use of technology. In U.S. I think, I may find new teaching aids that are not available in Egypt. I think, I can handle this quickly because I am already interested in using technology in

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