Marijuana Reform In America

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The desire to reform ideas in society is infiltrated in the lives of Americans. From the colonist’s determination to declare independence over Britain to the 21st century goal of establishing a social order that improves American life. Marijuana, also known as Cannabis, is part of a plant intended for use as a psychoactive drug and medicine. Marijuana reform has been and is very prevalent in news today; arguments on legalization and regulation. The desire to reform this movement can be connected to American history through the development of constitutional rights (free speech, right of property), the American life which values education, safety, and general well-being of our society, and the evolution of social conservatism and diverse, but conflicting ideas between generations.…show more content…
Freedom of Speech and Right of Property are protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, which allows people to speak for their beliefs as well as protect themselves and their personal possessions. In America, marijuana reform flourishes because people have the right and freedom to do so, without fear of punishment or persecution. Lyndon B. Johnson references the United States Constitution in his “Speech Before Congress on Voting Rights” explaining how the American life should be structured: “… he shall share in freedom, he shall choose his leaders, educate his children, provide for his family according to his ability and his merits as a human being….” Modern reform movements flourish because of this basic understanding, stating that because we have these rights as Americans, we also have responsibilities and reform is a form of exercising those

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